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One Too Many: A Seek & Find Counting Book
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One flea, plus two cows, plus three horses. . .how many animals can you count?

In this boisterous barnyard, the fun grows with each turn of the page! Follow the shimmering path and count each bounce along the way to find which new animal has arrived on the scene. Take the challenge further by counting all the animals on the page, or hunting for your favorite. From one jumping flea to twelve swooping bats, this frisky hodgepodge is sure to have the whole herd pouring over the pages for hours. And a surprise ending reveals which animal is just one too many!
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School Library Journal
—In this nearly wordless book, one flea leaves a silver arc as it leaps to the watering trough in an empty barnyard at sunrise. Then two cows drink as the flea leaps twice. As the day progresses, each full-color spread shows more animals gathering around the watering trough—three horses, four goats, five sheep, six pigs, and seven bunnies. All of them are black and white with touches of gray or taupe. Eight geese, nine chickens, ten mice, eleven flies, and twelve bats crowd the spreads in turn, interacting with each other and shifting positions with puzzlelike complexity. At sunset a skunk—clearly one too many—comes for a drink and sprays the others, emptying the barnyard. Marino's naturalistic illustrations are done in gouache in this remarkable counting book. On the final spread, the artist challenges youngsters to find the pig whose ears are nibbled, the animals with their eyes closed, and the total number of animals on each spread. Young readers will find much to discover as they revisit the book time after time.—Mary Jean Smith, Southside Elementary School, Lebanon, TN 
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