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Zoopa: An Animal Alphabet
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Chronicle Books 2005
Awards and honors for Zoopa:
2006 Northern California Book Awards nomination
Texas Library Association 2 X 2 Reading List
Zoopa -- Open the pages of this lively book and discover a bowl of animal alphabet soup sure to spark children's imaginations. From the tiny ant on the front endpapers to the exuberant zebra in the final spread, children will delight in the mischievous menagerie that bursts onto the table, while at the same time learning their letters and animals. Filled with imaginative details, it is a visual feast from start to finish.
"The best ABC books make you think, and the wordless ZOOPA: AN ANIMAL ALPHABET, by first-time children's book author Gianna Marino, asks a great deal of its readers." - The New York Times Book Review

" In this lively, engaging debut, an alphabetical menagerie, drawn naturalistically but with big, expressive eyes and mobile features, gathers around (or, sometimes, in) a bowl of tomato-colored alphabet soup...A great choice for self-starters or small groups." -Kirkus Reviews

"A lively choice for group or one-on-one sharing." -School Library Journal
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Customer Reviews
"...... Gianna Marino, a new writer from northern California, grabs the readers attention from page one and holds you in her masterly grasp from the simple beginning to the explosive cornucopian conclusion.....Her first children's book is an astonishing achievement, easily one of the best of the year.....This is a singular achievement, and a triumphant realization of a challenging idea. While there are simpler books on the alphabet, this book not only introduces the letters, but also entertains and stimulates readers of all ages."

"Marino has illustrated a delightful alphabet of creatures, her images brimming with energy and humor, all so beautifully rendered, that I would highly recommend it for any lucky child, not to mention adults who collect wonderful children's illustrations...."

"Zoopa is an amazingly illustrated book that not only keeps my 3 year old engaged, but also my 10-month-old. As each new letter is introduced, we love "searching" for the animal that matches it. Just a beautiful book."
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