School visits/presentations

School Visits, Lectures and Workshops!
Few things can compare to the experience of a child meeting the author and illustrator of their favorite book.

Gianna has visited schools all over the United States and loves art demonstrations in the classroom as well as giving full-school presentations. These visits vary, depending on the number of children, age, etc. She loves to brainstorm and talk about where ideas come from and will always encourage children to be life-long learners. While her books are appropriate for ages 3-8, she has also visited middle schools for specific art demonstrations on the process of creating books and loves to adapt her presentations to compliment age/lesson plans/etc.

Gianna has also spoken at conferences for adults, book fairs, universities and libraries and is available to speak on varying subjects of writing, illustrating and creating books. She has held writing/illustration workshops and spoken nationwide on the subject of making picture books.

While Gianna is happy to travel across the States, she is also available to visit via Skype! This is a great option for schools outside of California who can't bring the author in person. As long as the school agrees to purchase at least 25 copies of any combination of Gianna's books (preferably from a local book seller), the visit is free. The visit is approx. 20-30 minutes. The first half is an introduction to Gianna's creative process. The second half is left for questions from students or teachers (usually pre-selected).

What types of audiences do you speak with?
       - I typically work with grades K-8, but am always happy to discuss other grades/ages. Assemblies of 200 children or less (preferred) and classroom workshops of 25 children or less

How many presentations/assemblies a day?
       - This varies greatly depending on what the goal of the school is. Typically I will visit with numerous classrooms and have one assembly with all the children. Please contact to discuss and I will try to accommodate your needs!

What do you talk about at assemblies?
       -My assemblies vary, depending on number of children, grade and length. Please contact me to discuss!
School presentations are typically from 30-50 minutes. Almost any number of children is fine, somewhere near 200 or less is best.

What do you do in your workshop?
       - My workshops vary depending on age/grade/length. We typically do an art project of some kind, from collage, to drawing, to storybook making. I like to talk about expressions on the face, movement and motion in drawing. If the children are currently working on their own books, we can incorporate their project into the workshop. Please contact to discuss if you have some specific direction you would like to go!

How do we arrange for children to purchase your book?
       - I can prepare an order form for the classroom, which we can then arrange with a local bookseller to get books in time for the visit. I autograph books during my visit (or sometimes before hand if there are a large amount of copies to be signed).

What are your current fees for an author visit?

Whole Day 4 talks during school day $1200 + travel/expenses
Half Day 2 talks during school day $650 + travel/expenses
Quarter Day 1 talk during school day $350 + travel/expenses
Evening Talk After 5pm $400 + travel/expenses

How do I schedule a visit?
      - Please contact Gianna by email or by phone at 415.577.3328.

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